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What a lot of money!

We are very proud of our record of making sure that 90% of our donations & support is local & UK only. And when we donate approx 10% overseas, it is always through Lions Clubs International Foundation to other Lions Clubs around the globe, to ensure none of it gets misused or abused!

Our Lions year starts in July, so we have figures for 9 months of the current year 2022-23.

In that time, we have donated nearly £52K in total!

Break down as follows -

Christmas Helping Hands (food & vouchers) - £3623

Winter Warmth (help with utility bills) - £4897

50% shares to Swimarathon teams causes - £16738

Individuals (white goods, furniture, child support, etc) - £6004

Geoff Hill Youth Awards - £3750

Local charities & groups - £11453

LCIF International appeals - £5500 (= 10.6% of the total, for Pakistan floods, Puerto Rico hurricane, USA hurricane Ian, Turkey earthquake)

So proud to be part of such a busy & effective club!

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