Not many fundraising clubs own a train!

Ours is powered by a converted ride-on lawnmower, dressed up to look like an engine. It draws 4 brightly coloured carriages, each holding 4 adults, or more children if tightly packed!

The train has outings throughout the spring and summer, at various venues.  It not only raises funds for our charitable trust and gives children lots of fun, but it also attracts an adult audience, and gives our members a chance to be an engine driver, at last!


Train Outings for 2021 

1. Saturday

2. Saturday

3. Sunday

4. Sunday

5. Saturday

6. Saturday

7. Sunday 

26 June

10 July

25 July

15 August

11 September

18 September

19 September

White Waltham CofE School Fete.

Burnham Village Fete community Assiociations.

Rotary Box Car Race, Greenfell Park, Maidenhead.

Funfeast (disabled children) Fleet Lions Yately School.

WLAC Charity Fete, White Waltham Aerodrome, SL63NJ.

Alfriston School, Beaconsfield, HP92TS.

Duck Derby, Boulters Lock, Maidenhead.

Lions Train 2.jpg