Each year we make dozens of donations, large and small to local people and organisations. Most donations to people are made as a result of an approach from Social Workers, Health Professionals, Local Organisations, and the Citizens Advice Bureau. As well as direct donations, we organise a number of events each year at which local organisations and charities are able to raise money for their good causes. We also donate to international appeals via Lions International.

100% of the fund we raise is used for good causes. We don't use any raised funds for admin or any other purpose.


Donations to Indviduals, Charities and Groups in the year to June 2020

49 Individual Welfare Donations to people and families in need

35 Donations to charities nominated by Swimarathon entrants

Christmas parcels, food packaging, and distribution

Geoff Hill Awards for youth development

Prostate testing event

Donations to individual Charities and Groups

Achieving For Children Fun Day

Alexander Devine

Autism Group


Duck Derby Participants

Food Share

Friends of Alfriston School

Litchfield School PTA

LCI Australian Appeal

LCI Hagibis Appeal

LCI Hurricane Appeal

Lions UK Flood Relief

Maidenhead Christian Xmas Dinner

Maidenhead Sea Cadet

Reading Hospital Radio

Sight Savers

St Mark Church

Timber Town

West London Aero Club

TOTAL FOR 2019/20


























With Covid restrictions now likely to continue to restrict Lions Fundraising events this year we have set up Web links to a Just Giving Page and Amazon Smile to offer the general public the opportunity to donate directly towards the work of Lions helping those in need.




Thank you very much for dropping round an Argos gift voucher so that we are able to get a table and chairs for our house. 


We are so unbelievably grateful and overwhelmed by your kindness and we cannot thank you enough. Thank you!


We share with you the gratitude of those who have received donations from Maidenhead Lions. It is because of the difference we make that we do what we do.  







We have started delivering the Christmas appeal vouchers to locals today & have already received this amazing thank you. This is why we do what we do!


" Today my children and I received a wonderful surprise from your organisation. I am writing to say thank you so very much for making our day and our Christmas! It was the loveliest thing that could have happened for us and I am very grateful. We are all still buzzing from it and ‘googling’ your organisation because we didn’t know who you were. Again thank you and Merry Christmas to everyone at Maidenhead Lions."

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