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So I became a Lion...

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

I first heard of Maidenhead Lions when my young twin daughters took part in the Maidenhead Lions Swimarathon. After the event, we proudly collected funds for both the Lions charity and their team’s chosen charity.

I continued to take an interest in charity work as a PTA member of my children’s school and found I enjoyed helping with fund raising activities. Later when I retired from work, I heard from Brenda our Club's secretary that the Lions needed extra help to run their train at events. My partner Brian had also retired and we both decided that we had time to volunteer. I like it that we both can enjoy fund raising activities, and at the same time we are able to help those less fortunate in the community. As a retired geography teacher, I also like the fact that Lions is part of an International Organisation that can give support to world disasters.

We soon became members of Maidenhead Lions Club and have enjoyed our shared interest and taking on different roles. Since 2018 I have been the club’s Membership officer. It has given me a lovely opportunity to meet new people who want to give something back to their community. If you are one of those people interested in becoming a Lion, please do click the contact link in membership.

Here are a few photos of me and other club members enjoying helping at some of the charity's events.

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