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Our Experience as New Lions

It all started with a enquiry as to whether the popular Duck Derby would be able to take place last year. Unfortunately, Covid meant the event could not happen but the call to Brenda did make us aware of another opportunity - becoming Lions.

My partner Lukas attended Zoom meetings which I then later joined. Despite being a bit scared to join these, I needn't have worried as everyone was very welcoming and chatty. As there were no big events allowed last year, we were able to officially become Lions following attendance at meetings. Brenda hosted the induction in her garden with some chocolates and bubbly which was lovely. Our sponsors Joy and Brian supported us throughout the process and have always been happy to help.

We were able to help deliver Christmas 'parcels' (food vouchers due to Covid) to those in need in the area last December. It was great to do something for the community and eye-opening to find out so many are in need right on our doorstep.

We would like to thank everyone at Maidenhead Lions for welcoming us. We are excited to continue helping out as more events are allowed this year and encourage others to get involved!

Romilly and Lukas

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