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This is culled from 'A brief history of Maidenhead Lions Club 1973 - 2013'. it shows that Maidenhead Lions have been at it for a while and would go to any length to raise funds for local charities - this made me laugh.

"The new Magnet Leisure Centre was opened in the mid-1970s and we planned to organise a Concert there with an audience of around 1400 people. Abba had won the Eurovision Contest in 1974, so we wrote to them asking if they would contemplate appearing locally. 40 years later and now knowing the worldwide success of Abba, it is hard to believe that we even considered writing to them. However, we did obtain a reply and a promise that they would contact us when their schedule for the following year was finalised. Needless to say, we did not receive any further communication! However, we went ahead and organised a Syd Lawrence Charity Concert in the Leisure Centre at the beginning of 1976 and followed this up the following year with a similar concert"

This why I am proud to be a Lion, how cool is that?

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