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An Ordinary Lion

By Doreen Rogers

If you are looking at our website and wondering what it is like to be a Lion – from a personal viewpoint (I’ve been a member for 6 years ) - then I hope this will interest you

After downsizing and 9 months of renovation work on our new home, I had time for something new but I wanted it to be local. I had heard of Lions but only from my brother in law who sold chocolate bunnies at Easter. That was enough for me to find out more. I contacted the club and, as they say, the rest is history. My husband joined at the same time and, for us, it works very well. We have a shared interest but at the same time are individual club members with different interests and responsibilities.

One of the best things about Lions is the knowledge that, although you are a member of a worldwide service organisation, each member can use their knowledge and experience how best needed in their local community. Every club will have different events and projects - but it is always to support the town or village or city where they live. It is our way of giving something back.

I will write again soon, with some background into the events we run and the projects we support and sharing some of my experiences.

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