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3 days to go!

It's been a very hectic few weeks, planning & organising our 36th Swimarathon. It's the first one to be held at the amazing new pool at Braywick, so there has been a lot to learn, especially as we also have to contend with many Covid rules & restrictions.

Some regular entrants have been unable to get teams together & others have pulled out after committing. Some have booked extra lanes as their swimmers are so very enthusiastic. Some have scaled back because some swimmers are self-isolating. To say my email inbox has been busy is putting it mildly!

And then there is getting enough volunteers to help us man all the jobs in shifts throughout the day. Lion Joy has done a sterling job on that. We have called on Lions, friends & family of Lions, local Rotary Club chums, long term contacts and so on. But we've got there.

Currently, we have 90 lanes booked, swimming throughout the day from 7am to 6pm. Many teams are not using cash at all this year, preferring to concentrate on on-line donations from their sponsors. And as I write this, already a whopping £9k (plus gift aid) has been donated to the 26 fundraisers linked to our Swimarathon campaign on Just Giving. You too can support us! Here is the link - 36th Annual Swimarathon 2021: Charity Fundraiser - JustGiving

The Braywick Leisure Centre helped me to make a video to familiarise the teams with the new location & the additional rules. Here it is -

Let us know what you think!

We are so excited to be able to run a proper event, with actual people there, even though socially distanced & fully observing all the various Covid rules & restrictions.

I would like to acknowledge support from 2 local organisations - Printique in Maidenhead printed our Control forms FOC, and CleanConscienceUk donated hand sanitiser. Thank you so much. It all helps & also makes us happier.

For now though, I'd better get back to that bulging inbox and monitor the Justgiving page!

See you at Braywick Leisure Pool on Sunday 4th July. Hoping we can beat Swimarathon 2020 record breaking amount rasied - over £40K in all. Fingers crossed.

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