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Lions Club of Maidenhead

Maidenhead Lions Legacy Awards


Last year Maidenhead Lions Centennial Awards scheme made grants of over £8000 to local community and volunteer groups, following this success and to celebrate Lions International Centennial we have decided to set up a legacy fund for 2018-2019.


The scheme will run from July 2018 until the 30th June 2019, grants will be made on a first come first served basis, and will stop on the 30th June 2019, or earlier if funds have been fully allocated.


We are offering twenty £250 grants to successful applications, these grants will be awarded to local volunteer organisations, youth groups, and smaller charities for their work in the Maidenhead area.


The grants are to recognise the work that other volunteer groups do for their community, to enable and encourage this work to continue, and also recognise it can be difficult to raise funds.


Please fill in the application form downloaded from our website, and return to the address shown. A brief explanation of why the grant will make a difference, and how it will help the local community in Maidenhead.

Please download the application form, returning it to the address shown.

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